About my blog

I’m lucky enough to live in one of the best locations for road cycling in the country. Within half an hour of Kendal I can be in either the Yorkshire Dales National Park, or the Lake District. A little further away is the Forest of Bowland which is one of the country’s unsung treasure troves of quiet moorland roads and long hills with massive views across to the Three Peaks of Yorkshire and the Lancashire coast . The rides section will describe riding in these areas as well as forays to the hills and mountains of France

Whether we admit it or not, most cyclists are gear freaks. I have included a gear reviews section in order to give my thoughts on some of the kit I’ve used and worn. My opinions will inevitably be ┬ápersonal and my intention is mainly to write about kit that I’ve used and liked.


5 Responses to About my blog

  1. Rich says:


    Bit random but i just found this blog via Bikeradar. Ive been an MTB rider for many years but recently (18 months ago) got into road cycling and did my first Fred last year. All the lads i ride with are MTB only and wouldn’t consider a road bike under any circumstances. Basically i’m Kendal based and looking to find a bit of a chain gang to train with week nights and weekends.

    Just wondered if you knew of any informal groups that met up regularly that wouldn’t mind me tagging along?

    • lakescyclist says:

      Hi Rich. A lot of the rides that are written up on here were ridden with a group that rides out from Bruce’s bikeshop on a Sunday morning. It is by no means a chaingang though,and the pace and distance depend on who turns up. At this time of the year we meet up at 9.30 and we are usually out for 3-4 hours at a 15-16 mph pace. As the weather gets better we are likely to be out for longer and to start hitting the hills.I’m doing the Fred again this year and will be aiming for a 7 1/2 to 8 hour pace. There are a couple of lads who race and some that just enjoy a ride out.Numbers can vary between 2 and 8. You would be welcome to join us on a Sunday and see if what we do suits you. The alternative would be the Kent Valley club who do runs from Askews Bikeshop also on a Sunday morning.

      • Rivh says:

        Thanks a lot for that, 71/2 is my target for the Fred this year after 8hrs 25 last year. And the length and pace sounds about ideal on a Sunday. I’ll message next time I can get a Sunday free and let you know to expect me at brucies. I’m getting fed up of the turbo already and I’m trying to get out on a week night with lights so if you know anyone that fancies some night rides pass my name on by all means. I tried to do quite a bit on lights last year over brigsteer and helsington which seemed to help with the Fred.


      • lakescyclist says:

        Sounds good. I can get out during the day because I work from home and am using Brigsteer and Scout Scar to get some hills in each week. Look forward to catching up on a Sunday!

  2. Fish says:

    Thanks for the write up on the Raid Pyrenean. I am signed up (with Marmot tours) for June this year (2013) and with three months to go am feeling nervous already about the challenge. I have cycled for years and done some cols in the Alps and Pyrenees , but never a series of back to back days. I live in France in Montpellier and contrary to the UK image of the South of France the winter can be cold and wet at times so I am just getting into the swing again. Your write up has made me feel a bit less nervous about the ride. Thanks for posting it.


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