Cervo Rosso: a long term review and a look forward to some new lines

This year I’ve had the good fortune to be a member of the Cervo Rosso Test Team and have therefore been able to test a number of items of Cervo Rosso kit.

I’ve had the chance to wear the short sleeved summer jersey and the matching bibshorts in a real range of conditions and they have exceeded all expectations. They were worn under multiple layers whilst riding my epic wet and windy Raid alpine and in 38 degree heat on a recent trip to the Cevennes. They have also seen me through a season of British sportive rides They were as comfortable at the end of 100 mile days as they were at the beginning.

The long sleeve sportswool jersey has proved excellent in cooler conditions and the addition of a base layer meant that it coped well with everything apart from long alpine descents in driving rain and sleet. To be honest full winter mountaineering kit would have struggled in those sorts of conditions.

There are some more detailed descriptions of the kit in earlier posts but I felt that it was important to emphasise that my first favourable impressions have been more than confirmed after a full season of varied cycling.

Additions and updates to the Cervo Rosso range

I am  impatiently awaiting a parcel which will give me an opportunity to test some new additions to the range.

There will be a new  winter jacket which  promises advanced technical features and the usual Cervo Rosso style. To go with this there will be some new winter weight bibshorts which will feature the new exclusive HG11 pad. I understand that this will also feature in next seasons summer shorts. Carlyle tells me that the new pad will raise the comfort level by another notch. I find this hard to believe as the current shorts already outperform my previous favourite Assos Unos. I can’t wait to be proved wrong.  Finally there will also be a pair of winter tights. These sound as if they will be stylish, comfortable and warm.

There will also be some amendments to the long sleeved sportswool jerseys which will feature improved fit and some changes to detailing.

I have persistently been badgering Carlyle about the need for leg and armwarmers in the range and I understand that they are also in the pipeline. After the sort of summer that we’ve had in the UK and the cold weather I experienced in the Alps, I suspect that the cooler weather gear will get at least as much use as the excellent summer kit

I will of course update you with my impressions when I get my hands on the new and updated kit.

Iwill have to contain my excitement until then.


About lakescyclist

I'm a cyclist and a lover of landscapes. I've walked, climbed and tried most ways to explore the varied upland landscapes of Britain, and latterly the continent.
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